Rebranding a company – more than just changing the packaging design

13 March 2015

Rebranding a company is more than just changing the packaging and logo. It requires a new way of thinking about the products you wish to sell and changing the image consumers have in their head of your brand. The rebranding process is one that needs to be handled with care so as not to alienate your customer base. Yet some perseverance is also necessary in order to succeed. This article will explore what it takes to successfully rebrand a company. Rebranding a company is no walk in the park. When you don’t follow a carefully laid-out strategy, things can go horribly wrong. And even when you do, it might prove hard to tell if your customers are going to pick up on the changes you have made.
Even so, there are some general guiding principles you may want to stick to when your company is in need of a new face.

1)    Don’t alienate your customer base However you’re planning on tackling the rebranding process, it is extremely important not to overdo it. Let your packaging design team restyle the packaging, get your graphics department to work out a new logo, but don’t exaggerate. Make sure product and brand are still recognizable for your existing customer base and appealing enough for newcomers.
Either way, redesigning the looks and feel of your brand is abalancing act that requires careful contemplation. The new package and logo design have to be clearly distinguishable from the old ones, but not to the extent that they completely deny their heritage.

2)    Get everything and everyone on the same page When you roll out a new packaging design, but keep running a website with the old logo and font, you are only creating confusion and fail to exhibit confidence with regard to the new approach. As a brand, you create a brand/corporate identity that has to have a certain sense of uniformity across all communication channels. Your customers need to feel that the redesign was necessary for the brand to evolve and so does your staff. Speaking of which, make sure everyone in the workplace is committed to make the redesign a success. Everyone has to be on the same page, even if you’re facing cloudy weather.

3)    Your brand is more than packaging alone Packaging is merely a visual representation of the larger ideas behind your brand. Rebranding involves coming up with a new brand philosophy. You have to tackle things differently now, otherwise the rebranding process will lead to poor results.